Paul Valent’s purpose is to share with you the hope that understanding can lift us out of dark destiny. More, it can give joy exploring new vistas of the human mind and condition.

The black hole of trauma is full of information: not only about specific tears in our fabric but also about the various threads that make up our beautiful multidimensional tapestry. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has demonstrated for us the pains of reliving the tears and the numbness of turning away and trying to forget.

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Located in Oakleigh South, Melbourne, Blue Dog Glass is a unique business dedicated to offering quality products, tuition and commissions in the field of kiln formed glass. We combine artistic flair, refined technique and practicality to produce items and services of true individuality. We stock an extensive selection of materials and tools for any glass enthusiast as well as providing specialist technical support.

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HRCC – located at 1077 HEATHERTON RD, NOBLE PARK – is the clinic of Dr. John Tonietto who has been practicing as a chiropractor and massage therapist since 1996.

The centre’s primary focus is the treatment of back pain and neck pain. Sciatica, headaches and shoulder pain are also commonly treated.

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Inspired Heads design and facilitate a range of different consults and programs to get you & your business fired up, motivated and inspired for success. Inspired Heads are a collaboration of experienced, creative professionals in a range of areas. An enterprise that exists to prod and support you to new levels of success.

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